Oliver Lane Peirce

Not2Mention Media Ltd

Location: Hayling Island, UK

Tell us about your background

My first business begin 7 years ago and I've never left the entrepreneurial table. I entered the world of Digital Marketing through content design, copy and video, which was more core interest in previous businesses. Father to two, Married. Avid Southeast Asian cook. Serial collector of ink... of the skin kind!

Elevator pitch: What is your agency about?

Not2Mention Media sprung into life focusing on Social Media Management, caring for content marketing and branding. We developed into a full serviced Digital Marketing Agency back in 2017 were we focused on Lead Gen and sales for clients.

Due to our highest success and greatest relationships within the legal sector we decided to niche down into said industry. We have never looked back and continue to thrive within a ever growing competitive industry

Today we exclusively build and manage lead generation systems for Lawyers & Law Firms in the USA, Canada & UK, we call it 'Tap of Leads'. How do we do it, Facebook Ads, Google Ads, SEO and of course content as that was our first love, combine these together and you truly have something worth talking about. We also work in the financial sector but do not outwardly promote this.

Our system relies on building confidence in the market place and works on the leads mindset. We like to dig around that brain and trigger those neurons from truly understanding what gets them motivated and inspires action, we combine this with customer trust building exercises. This allows our clients to reach substantial growth and profitability, as they can now price themselves as the elite and not the scarce.

We are no Plug 'n' Play agency nor are we a hump 'n' Dump agency. We look for long term relationships, where we can build evergreen funnels and continually invest in your business.

Where the idea came from?

I'm an Entrepreneur at heart, but i was fed up of being in product based businesses. What I did enjoy was the marketing side of those businesses. So I learnt everything there is to know in the industry, focused my strength into core marketing principles and human psychology and most importantly built up a team of people around me who are cleverer than I am.

What were some early challenges you faced?

Building and finding a team who were worth their weight in gold. Im a results perfectionist and we had to kiss a few frogs to find the prince or in this case princes and princesses. (NO ANIMALS WERE HARMED OR KISSED IN THE PROCESS).

My own mindset held me back for a while when dealing with corporate clients but its something I worked on and I now enjoy them as much as any other client we work with. We are all human after all.

How much has your business changed from it’s inception to now?

I'm not sure its the same business at all? We have essentially shifted from creatives to psychologists. Yep, its changed a lot.

Tell us about your biggest failure

In my second business I created a product that didn't have a large enough audience or demand. It was a constant up hill battle and eventually settled with exporting the goods to Hong Kong. Its still running to this day but I am more of a silent partner in that business these days. I wished I had done more research but it turned out ok.

What is the best indicator for you that your business is working?

Excitement, happiness and generates the lifestyle for me, my family and my team.

What is the biggest challenge you face with your business daily?

Having a bomb proof system in place for internal affairs. Its more of a bureaucracy issue than anything, but nothing major. We are lucky, as my wife is a ACCA qualified Accountant and as you can imagine is a real tyrant for this kind of stuff, which works well for me! Although I do get told off a lot

What’s something you wish clients understood better about your business?

Understanding that a change in service requires new forms of audience testing and hosts different lead statistics. New clients have a heard time on appreciating the expected advertising and management budgets and therefore can try and manage us as an agency, when a ROI is shown it generally relieves this issue and we help educate them to understand the cogs behind the scenes and the intense amount of skilled work it requires.

Are there any areas you’d like to expand in over the next few years?

We would like to gain clients in the 'Magic Circle'. I would also like to explore the idea of building teams and lead Gen/marketing systems for clients in house. We are also looking to move into the digital educational space in 2021.

Are there any technology trends that you’re particularly excited about using in your work?

Technology that aids in the mundane tasks of running a business is fantastic and we constantly test and trial new softwares to market. I think in this heavily digital age its so important to not forget that nothing wins over the heart of a person more than a human brain. Chatbots within reason have this capacity to automate marketing, but by no means is it A.I and still requires large amounts of human interaction. In marketing, its important to understand how the mind works and have a really good understanding of marketing principles. Tech, softwares , hardware and platforms are just a tools to deliver. They come and go and change constantly but the human psyche never does.

What advice would you give someone who is considering launching their own agency?

Do it. Get help and strap your self down as its going to be a hell of a journey.

Can you give us your best tip for making customers happy?

It's a cheesy one but under promise and over deliver. Be honest and set realistic expectations, it will save you a lot of headaches.

Finally, what are you most excited about for the future of your business?

To grow my team and help them grow as people. We constantly educate our staff. I want to get to the point where they educate me, which is becoming ever more frequent and I love it. I see a big shift in digital marketing over the next couple of years and for the better. The industry has become saturated with so called "Marketers", and platforms like Facebook is making it harder for those types, which will allow only for the best to survive.

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